Spillit is true, unscripted stories told in front of a live audience.  
We have four types of events.

center stage

Any individual interested in telling their story can submit a summary via email. Stories are between seven and ten minutes long and follow the theme chosen for the event. After reviewing the submissions, storytellers are invited to a workshop where they practice their stories and give one another supportive feedback. They reunite the evening of their event to present their truths. It is truly magical for all who witness. An audio recording documents the evening and is shared shared via a podcast at the OAM network. 



It’s the friendliest competition in town. It’s also a spontaneous, interactive evening where you have the opportunity to share your five minutes with a room full of kind people. Whether you plan in advance or find yourself inspired by the evening, you’ll drop your name in the bucket. We’ll draw up to ten names and each person has five minutes to tell their story. Three judges score the stories on a scale of 1-10 based on content and presentation. No props or notes are allowed.

After basking in triumphant glory, the winner is invited to compete in the Spillit Grand Slam for the title of Grand Master Storyteller of Memphis. 


grand slam

This is the big one! After basking in triumphant glory, all the Slam winners in one year are invited to compete in our Grand Slam. The winner of this earns the title of Grand Master Storyteller of Memphis for one year! Our past winners are:

2015: Paul Arnett

2016: Teddy Crum

2017: Rattlebone Jones

2018: Gary Blevins


Josh Campbell is a Memphis storyteller and the creative director at Spillit Memphis. He has done many workshops for raconteurs who need help preparing for the stage. He now helps those who aren't necessarily ready to broadcast to the world but want to refine their stories for personal or professional advancement.

Spillit House Shows: Did you know you can host a Spillit workshop at your house? Invite some friends, bring out the wine and let Spillit lead you through your own storytelling event. It’s like a book club but it’s your stories everyone will be talking about.

Spillit Corporate Events:  Storytelling is vital part of any corporate culture. Sales teams, brand managers and executive team leaders all need to work on presenting themselves to varied audiences. Sharing stories can also help build teamwork and cohesion in work teams. Spillit corporate events offer a unique team building experience for whatever your company needs are.

Spillt Workshops: Do you have a story to tell? Do you want to improve your public speaking? Do you want to face down a fear of speaking to a crowd? Do you want to learn the seven keys to great speaking? If you said yes to any of these then this workshop is for you!

Rates differ depending on the group size and length of these events please contact us at spillitstories@gmail.com for more info.